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getting a home warranty

Home Warranty Cost. If you are a home owner trying to sell a house, it may be the very sweetener needed to make the sale. If you are a buyer looking at homes for sale, asking for a warranty can save you the cost of purchasing it yourself.. Properties that come with a warranty often sell faster because the buyer feels an added sense of security.

"A home warranty contract promises to keep working items working for a certain time period, usually one year," says Carl Knighten, CEO of HMS Tri-Region, a 30-year-old home warranty company.

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Let me share more about why getting a home warranty is something you should seriously consider. My home warranty representative. I’ve been using the same home warranty rep now for what seems like the greater part of the last decade. I’ve followed her through various home warranty companies.

Is a Home Warranty Worth it? Ideally you should think about getting a home warranty, if your home is more than 10 years old. Chances are that your original systems such as the plumbing and the furnace, may have already started malfunctioning or showing some wear and tear.

A good home warranty can offer you that extra layer so that you have protection at all times. The following are some pros and cons of getting such a warranty: Pros. The peace of mind that you will have is the most important positive that you’ll get from having such a warranty.

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but it can lay the groundwork for getting the most from your home warranty. While Martinez recommends home warranties for his buyers, he also advises them to negotiate major repairs during the home.

One advantage of having all your home warranty items with one company is that there is only one plan and one company to call for service. If you think a home warranty plan may be the right option for you, here are some of the best home warranty companies on the market.

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