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should i pay off my mortgage before i retire

Suze Orman says the key to a happy retirement is to pay off your mortgage first. Here’s how to do it.. you should make it your top priority right now to get the mortgage paid off before you retire. I will get to the financial reasoning in a minute. But just as important is the emotional payoff.

If you’re faced with this decision, we’ll walk you through making the best decision for your money. 3 Things to Do Before Paying Down Your Mortgage. retirement – then you hopefully understand that.

One way to evaluate the decision to pay off your mortgage versus keeping more of your money in savings is by comparing the rates of return you expect to earn by following each path. Should you choose to pay off your mortgage, your rate or return is certain; you "earn" by saving the interest rate charged on your mortgage.

One of the pros to paying off your mortgage is that it is a guaranteed, risk-free return. You can invest in safe, risk-free investments like bank-insured certificate of deposits and treasury securities, but rarely will you earn a higher return on these types of investments than the interest rate you pay on your mortgage.

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In some cases, a reverse mortgage can help you retire debt-free by unlocking the equity in your home.. Many seniors are eager to pay off remaining debt before they retire, and also. “It is a good thing to have in my toolbox.

Many people, including myself, dream of having a “mortgage burning” party the week they retire. The very thought of making my last mortgage.

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 · Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire? Relatively few will get any tax benefit from this debt, and the payments can get more difficult to manage. Author: Liz Weston

Housing is often the typical American’s greatest monthly expense, whether during retirement, or during working years. If you happened to sign a 30-year mortgage in your 30s and made all of your.

Now you should consider paying off your mortgage if you’re nearing retirement. Once you’re close to retirement. so you need to crunch some numbers and do some long-term planning before you decide.

I plan to keep working until I turn 67, at which point I will pay off the mortgage using. What are your initial thoughts.

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